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Malposition, Malocclusion Of Jaw

Overview of Malposition, Malocclusion Of Jaw


Usually, the molars of the upper jaw sit directly on top of the molars of the lower jaw. The upper front teeth slightly overlap the lower ones. Malocclusion is seen frequently when the teeth are not arranged properly or when the jaw grows unevenly or is damage. The condition may be severe and affect the ability to eat.

Causes of Malposition, Malocclusion Of Jaw


Discrepancy between the number of teeth and the growth of the jaw is usually responsible for this disorder, particularly in children. Abnormal jaw growth, injuries or fractures of the jaw may also lead to misalignment of the teeth.

Signs and Symptoms of Malposition, Malocclusion Of Jaw

signs and symptoms

In children, the teeth appear to be out of line. There is excessive protrusion of the upper teeth. The front teeth may not meet. It this is caused by an injury, there may be lateral translation of the jaw. Speech and chewing may be affected. Chronic cases can lead to arthritis of the tempormandibular joint, which can cause pain in front of the ear, which may be worse with eating or chewing.

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